Dolby art series

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Art_M1_2.jpgAbove left: Hunch by Chris Ro and above right: Heard/Felt by Chris Ro

Art_M1_4.jpgAbove left: Sound to Color by Jon Sueda and Chris Hamamoto and above right: Harmony by Veila De Iuliis

Art_M1_6.jpgAbove left: Composition 4010 by Kate Steciw and above right: Slow Scan by AKU Collective

02.jpgAbove left: Duality by VolvoxLabs and above right: detail

04.jpgAbove left: Iconographic Transmission by GMUNK and above right: detail

06.jpgAbove left: Quantized by David McLeod, above right: detail.

Untitled (triptych) by Motoi Shito

10.jpgAbove left: Superposition by David McLeod and above right: detail

12.jpgAbove left: Tempest 1 by Daniel Freytag and above right: Untitled by Sara Andreasson


Quanta by Can Buyukberber, above left: detail

16.jpgAbove left: Micocosmos by The Young Never Sleep and above right: Untitled by Mucho

Order and Chaos by Supermundane