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At Dolby, we use science to make magic.

At Dolby, we use science to make magic.
We're a community of scientists, product managers, engineers, industrial designers, and entertainment enthusiasts. Creating technologies that breathe life into the experiences and imaginations of fellow artists, filmmakers, musicians, and storytellers is our passion. We've spent the last 50 years transforming audiovisual experiences. Join us at the intersection of art and technology, and be part of our future.
At Dolby, we use science to make magic.

What We Do

Making experiences come alive through technology is what we do. It's been our mission since day one.

What We Do

Making experiences come alive through technology is what we do. It's been our mission since day one.

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Take a peek behind the scenes

Working from home hasn’t stopped us from continuing to make magic. We’re still tackling big problems, staying connected, and having fun together, too.

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Meet the people behind the magic

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& some of our unique benefits


Where we stand

To empower everyone at Dolby to be co-creators of change, we look at ourselves and what we need to do to evolve our culture.

Strengthening our communities

Through our Dolby Cares program, employees from our offices in 20+ countries volunteer as individuals, as part of a work team, or through our diversity and inclusion employee networks. From tutoring youth and mentoring adults re-entering the workforce, to delivering meals to seniors or providing legal services through our legal pro bono program, our employees are making our communities stronger.

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Together, apart & ...


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... everything in between

You won't find an official Flex Work policy at Dolby. Instead, we use our Flex Work Principles to guide each of our employees and their teams through this journey.

J-2.png*In the U.S., all persons who are utilizing Dolby facilities, travelling or meeting with customers on behalf of Dolby, or participating in Dolby sponsored activities are required to submit proof of full vaccination or apply for an accommodation or exception to participate in a weekly testing regiment. Subject to change at any time.

Make an impact

You’ll be right at the heart of major projects, working with teams of passionate people and helping us to create the next immersive experience in video and audio technology. Forget grabbing coffee or making copies. You’ll be contributing and directly impacting the business.

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How it works

Dolby internship programs are based in the United States, Poland, Australia, and China. Whatever you’re studying, we have all kinds of opportunities to suit your interests.

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Dolby doesn't treat interns like interns. Dolby throws them right into thick of the real work with the rest of the full-time employees — and expects them to rise to the challenge. As an MBA intern on the Brand Marketing and then Integrated Marketing teams, I was tasked with creating strategies for app branding and naming, translating logos and branding for foreign markets, and even working directly with our product and sales teams to craft value propositions. In return, Dolby has given me the opportunity to continuously try on different hats as I chart the course of my professional career.”


San Francisco, CA

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