Is Dolby Vision worth it?

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Is Dolby Vision worth it?

Enjoying the cinema experience at home is about more than finding popcorn under the cushions of your sofa. If you’ve been to see a film recently at a Dolby Cinema, such as The Cinema in the Power Station, you might be wondering if you can recreate the Dolby magic in the comfort of your own living room.

While there is nothing quite like a Dolby Cinema experience there is still plenty of magic to be at home with Dolby Vision, using any compatible TV screen or device. Be sure to match up your picture with Dolby Atmos to personalise your immersive audio experience, you can read more about it here.  


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Why Dolby Vision matters

As film and TV buffs ourselves, we understand that being immersed in a story — whether a film, a series, or a documentary — involves more than staring at a screen. The Dolby Difference is about seeing, feeling, and connecting to the characters. That’s why Dolby has pushed the boundaries of colour, contrast, brightness, and luminosity (glow), using the latest technology to create a feast for the eyes. So the viewing experience becomes more like looking through a window, rather than staring at a collection of pixels. Because your eyes deserve better.

Ever heard of a colour scientist? We’ve got tonnes of them — and not a white lab coat in sight. Films and series that are created with Dolby Vision can take advantage of billions more colours than those without.

Dolby Vision also acts as an embedded instruction manual for hardware screens to display the most true-to-life version of the scene it possibly can. Without any action required on your part, changes in light and dark between shots — whether subtle or substantial — are nuanced to keep viewing easy on your eyes.


Dolby Vision is future-proof innovation — today

Filmmakers often refer to “world building” — creating entire fictional landscapes that we believe in. Dolby Vision offers creators an ever-evolving format to render their work in so they can be sure their art will be well-preserved as new image capabilities are unleashed. Dolby Vision also guarantees audiences will be able to see their painstaking attention to detail, brightness, contrast, and colour grading — just as the creator intended.

It's not just brand-new content that is made in Dolby Vision, such as Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling with the inimitable Florence Pugh and Harry Styles — some of your favourite classics have also had the red-carpet Dolby Vision treatment. Though watching Jaws 45th Anniversary Edition in Dolby Vision might mean you never go in the water again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

So, is Dolby Vision worth it? Yes. Because your time is valuable, and you deserve the best possible experience across your devices.

Ready to dive into Dolby Vision? Get started building your own personalised home cinema today with our handy setup guide.


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