• Experience Exceptional Audio Quality on Your PC

  • Dolby audio in your PC simulates the placement of surround sound speakers for a powerful and captivating audio experience.

  • Theater-Quality Surround Sound on Your PC

    Our engineers have enhanced the audio capabilities on personal computers to vastly improve your listening experience. When you choose a PC with Dolby® technology, you hear home theater–quality audio on everything from movies and music to VoIP, video conferencing, and games.

    With either Dolby Home Theater® or Dolby Advanced Audio™, laptops with Dolby technology provide exceptional power, nuance, and clarity.

    • Volume Maximizer: Boosts the audio signal without causing distortion so you can get the most out of your PC's built-in speakers 
    • Surround Decoder: Creates a fuller sound experience by converting two-channel stereo audio into 5.1 channels
    • Surround Virtualizer: Creates a virtualized 5.1 surround sound experience from stereo or multichannel content over built-in stereo speakers or stereo headphones 
    • Dialogue Enhancer: Accentuates spoken words and specifically suppresses sounds that interfere with the dialogue
    • Volume Leveler: Maintains the volume at your chosen level across all content and applications
    • Audio Optimizer: Improves the frequency response of your PC's built-in speakers, so content sounds truer to the way its creator meant it to be heard
    • Graphic and Intelligent Equalizers: Allow you to adjust the playback system and tailor audio to your exact specifications
    • Dolby Digital Plus: Offers easy connectivity to home theater systems for authentic surround sound up to 7.1 channels
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    Get exceptional audio on your PC when you purchase one with Dolby audio.

  • Looking for Drivers?

    Dolby does not have audio drivers available for download. Check out this list of partner sites where you can download audio drivers.