• Sound Radar

  • When you’re in the game, the smallest clues can mean the difference between survival and defeat. Sound Radar from Dolby gives you more control in first-person shooter games on the DirectX platform.

  • Sound Radar setup is simple to do.

    • With the enemy all around, you want to know the location of every sound. Tires crunch over gravel, but how close is the vehicle? Are those footsteps coming from your left, right, or behind you? Enemy or friend? Sound Radar gives you the full sweep of the playing field, so you stay in control.

  • Other benefits of Dolby Atmos for PCs

    • Enveloping sound for your games

      Get a fantastic gaming experience with crystal-clear sound in virtual 5.1 and stereo, from headphones or built-in speakers.

    • Audio spatialization for the gaming advantage

      Take charge: locate the enemy above, behind, or anywhere around you — and surprise him before he gets to you.

    • Powerful sound with enhanced dialogue and bass

      Plunge deeper into the action as voices call out, shots reverberate, and explosions boom around you, in Dolby Atmos® or Dolby Audio™ encoded games.

    • Dramatically better sound, with richer detail

      Enhanced surround virtualization gives you crisper dialogue and greater detail in a wide range of sounds, so you gain the upper hand.