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  • Smartphones with Dolby technologies give you the optimal audio experience for music, videos, and games—anytime and anywhere.

  • The World's First Smartphone to Feature Dolby Atmos

    Lenovo has announced the Lenovo® A7000—the world’s first smartphone to incorporate Dolby Atmos® sound. Dolby Atmos creates an amazing new mobile headphone experience. Stream movies or music in Dolby Atmos, and you enter a new world of sound that seems to flow around and above you. You'll hear astonishing clarity, power, and depth. And you'll feel as if you're inside the action.

    Uncompromised Audio for Smartphones

    You use your smartphone for calls and texts, but it's also your portable music player, your portable movie theatre, and your portable game console. And while the convenience of having your entertainment with you all the time is undeniable, the entertainment experience itself—and the audio experience in particular—could be better.

    Part of the problem is the small speakers. How much depth and clarity can a person expect from a pair of coin-sized speakers? A low-power amplifier can cause tinny or hollow sound, and so can the different techniques that compress files to make them easy to store and stream. The type of compression can have a dramatic impact on the final audio quality. Even the best headphones won't save a poorly compressed file.

    At Dolby, we understand the challenges of smartphone audio. And no one has a better set of solutions for improving smartphone sound.

    Customized for Your Smartphone

    We know from our experience in the cinema and home theater that elevating the audio performance of smartphones requires a holistic approach. That means not just developing technologies for smartphone manufacturers to implement but actually working with manufacturers to optimize their devices for the best playback possible.

    That's why Dolby audio experts custom-tune every smartphone model featuring Dolby Atmos or Dolby Audio™ (supporting Dolby Digital Plus) to get the most out of the device speakers and dramatically improve clarity and performance.

    Surround Sound and Dialogue Clarity

    In addition, Dolby Audio includes features such as virtualized surround sound and volume leveling for great listening experiences.

    • Surround Virtualizer creates a surround sound experience through headphones or built-in speakers.
    • Dialogue Enhancer ensures that every word is heard.
    • Volume Leveler maintains constant volume across all content and applications.
    • Intelligent Equalizer dynamically adjusts the audio to achieve the tone you want.
    • Dolby Digital Pass-Through lets you connect your device directly to a home theater for a full surround sound experience.
  • Smartphones with Dolby Audio

    A smartphone featuring Dolby Audio™ offers a richer audio experience for your movies, music, and other entertainment. Look for devices from these manufacturers when shopping for your next smartphone.