• Dolby game mode on the Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Bring bigger, better, faster sound to your mobile gaming experience.

  • ​​​​​​​Benefits

    • Expand your experience

      Dolby game mode up-mixes traditional game audio for a wider, more spacious soundscape over both headphones and speakers for all your favorite games.

    • Level up your audio

      Boosted loudness lets you hear subtle action, environmental sounds, and in-game cues with more detail, depth, and clarity for a richer gaming experience.

    • Don’t miss a beat

      Dolby game mode works with Android’s Fast Track to reduce audio lag between the sound and what you see on screen, whether you’re playing a first-person shooter or a rhythm and music game.

    • Only on the Samsung S10

      Dolby and Samsung teamed up to give you the world’s first smartphone with this exclusive feature to make your mobile game sound come alive.

    • Dolby game mode on the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a first for smartphones, taking gaming on the go to the next level. Bigger, better, faster sound gives gamers an experience that finally lives up to today’s amazing graphics and lightning-fast gameplay — over headphones or speakers.

      Dolby and Samsung engineers worked in close collaboration to bring this optimized tuning solution for all games to the Galaxy S10, with Dolby focusing on audio processing and rendering and Samsung on the Android code.

      One of the primary goals of creating Dolby game mode was not only to deliver more immersive sound for all games, but also to combine this processing with Android’s Fast Track audio processing path to drastically reduce the lag or latency between what you see on screen and what you hear.

      Lag is the time between when a sound is triggered in a game or application and when the device processes and renders the sound. Most operating systems, devices, and applications all do some amount of processing to enhance audio and make it sound richer and fuller. However, more processing also means more lag before the user actually hears the audio.

      Dolby game mode significantly reduces this lag, giving you a smooth, responsive experience for faster reaction times while still delivering richer, fuller, louder sound for more heart-pounding gameplay and a perfect synergy of game sight and sound — only on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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