• PC and Mobile

  • Quality Audio for Any Device, Anywhere

  • Consumers watch everything on their PCs, phones, and tablets—and they want better sound than they're getting. Dolby Digital Plus makes it easy for you to deliver quality surround sound for any device, anywhere.

  • The Complete Audio Solution for the Mobile Industry

    Every device is a viewing screen. Wherever they are, whatever device they're using, consumers watch everything from home videos to Hollywood features and sports. They continually seek the best possible experiences, including premium audio.

    But how do you deliver it in a fragmented and fluid mobile market? Whether you create or distribute content, manufacture devices, or design chips, Dolby has an elegant and simple answer for you—Dolby Digital Plus.

    High Compatibility, Wide Adoption

    Dolby® Digital Plus™ is compatible with more than 8 billion consumer electronics devices. All leading service providers, such as Netflix®, Amazon Instant Video™, and others, deliver content encoded in Dolby Digital Plus. And it's part of the Windows® 8.1 operating system and Mac® OS as well.

    Create Once, Distribute Everywhere

    With the scalable Dolby Digital Plus codec, you create only one audio bitstream. Dolby Digital Plus will automatically adapt to bandwidth and device specifications.

    Differentiate Your Mobile Service

    Dolby Digital Plus will give your customers superior sound, no matter the device. You can deliver premium entertainment experiences and drive growth, revenue, and loyalty with a highly reliable audio solution and a widely recognized audio brand.

    Build Better Sound into Your Devices

    We can custom-tune each of your device models to maximize the performance of its built-in speakers. Dolby works closely with silicon manufacturers to integrate Dolby Digital Plus capabilities in next-generation chipsets, which provides OEMs a turnkey solution for easy implementation and fast time to market.

    Be Ready for the Future

    Dolby Digital Plus is integrated in the DLNA®, HDMI®, and UltraViolet™ standards to meet demand for HD audio. And as device and distribution capabilities expand, Dolby Digital Plus will keep you ready.

  • Seize the Audio Opportunity

    IDC research shows that consumers aren't satisfied with their mobile device audio quality. Be among the first in market to meet this need.

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