Mike Perry Studio

Seeking to create a meditative space where the viewer can enjoy the playful beauty of evolving land(e)scapes, Mike Perry Studio offers a vibrant visual journey emboldened by a pulsating symphonic sound. Conversations from far-off places presents an alluring, shifting mystical world — a playful animated panorama of vibrant lines and abundant, unrestrained shapes.


Medium: Audio Video
Location: San Francisco
Date: 2018

Rendered in the breakthrough sound of Dolby Atmos®, the musical score builds its themes with the encompassing drone of violins, the flirtatious melodies of trombones, and the driving rhythm of percussion. The audience is immersed in a peaceful isolation of fragmented shapes, kaleidoscopic hues, and entrancing musical sound. This playful synthesis celebrates the dramatic imaging of Dolby Vision® HDR and the moving audio of Dolby Atmos, captivating us in a dreamy dance before fading into an otherworldly memory.

Mike Perry Studio

The Mike Perry Studio is a Brooklyn-based independent design studio under the creative direction of Mike Perry — artist, animator, designer, creative director, poet, and do-it-all daydreamer. Through the use of color, pattern, and childlike awe, the studio exercises a deep faith in the transformative power of making things and expresses a joyful reverence for the bliss inherent in the human experience.

In celebration of Dolby Vision, Dolby Gallery presented a special program exploring the science, psychology, and creative possibilities of color featuring Angus McGilpin, Senior Director of Content Development, Dolby; Jaclyn Pytlarz, Senior Engineer of Applied Vision Science, Dolby; Mike Perry, artist; Homer Steinweiss, musician; and Dominic Glynn, Senior Scientist, Pixar Animation Studios.