Daito Manabe
Daito Manabe


Daito Manabe

Award-winning media artist, DJ, and programmer Daito Manabe specializes in collaborative projects that incorporate music, dance, and interactive design. He reinterprets familiar phenomena through constantly shifting vantage points.


Medium: Audio Video
Location: San Francisco
Date: 2016

He focuses on the fun that can be found while simply observing organic life, programming languages, and even computers themselves.

Daito Manabe

Working with the Dolby® science team, the artist recorded himself watching classic movies and later exploring San Francisco's cultural centers while hooked up to human sensory tracking systems.

The resulting work presents a digital record of Manabe's physiological experience, represented as abstract visuals signaling how he felt that day.

Dolby labs illustrations

Amos Goldbaum didn’t set out to become known for making T-shirts of skylines. But after setting up shop curbside, the San Francisco-based illustrator gained a following from tourists and locals alike.


Fencing masks, the human face, and an original sound design come together in the latest installation to be featured in the Dolby® Gallery.


"Prime2" is the second installment in a series that explores the four stages of how we process memory. It references the way a specific memory might erode during the second stage, storage.