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Here and Then

Satellite Lab

Here and Then is created using multiple light sources filmed simultaneously, with the capacity to move at several times the speed of sound. Light and sound change the scene’s appearance, presenting multiple possibilities from single moments frozen in time.


Medium: Audio Video
Location: San Francisco
Date: 2017

Satellite Lab develops high-speed imaging technology for filmmaking. The group comprises Carlo Van de Roer, Stuart Rutherford, and Matias Corea, based in Long Island City, NY.

Satellite Lab

The Dolby Gallery features Dolby Atmos®, which gives artists the ability to move sounds precisely in three-dimensional space. The gallery contains 86 speakers to move sounds all around you: 52 full-range Dolby Atmos enabled speakers and 34 subwoofers.


"A wall of ears can evoke different emotions from viewers, potentially forcing you to consider the organ in a different way than you have before, and that’s the point."

Lenticular wall

He may call himself simply a “maker,” but Derek Bruno could also be called an industrial designer, sculptor, furniture fabricator, or simply an artist.


For Dolby, Shepherd created an installation of 20 CRT televisions (not your modern flat-screens) that he converted into homemade oscilloscopes.