Sabrina Ratté
Sabrina Ratté


Sabrina Ratté

Montreal-based Sabrina Ratté works with diverse aspects of video. She uses electricity as a raw material and sculpts, transforms, and alters it digitally into luminous and vibrating architectures. Technology allows the viewer to step into the art, explore, and often become a part of the environment itself.


Medium: Audio Video
Location: San Francisco
Date: 2016

Common Areas: Perspectives is inspired by the design of lobbies and corporate architecture. The artist places 3D environments side by side to suggest multiple ideas of the same space. Vibrating lights and electrons give life to rigid interiors. Black lines scan the image to reveal new dimensionalities, emphasizing a tension between the screen’s surface and the depth of the space depicted.

Sabrina Ratté

Ratté worked with longtime collaborator Roger Tellier-Craig on the soundscape of this piece.


Fencing masks, the human face, and an original sound design come together in the latest installation to be featured in the Dolby® Gallery.


"Prime2" is the second installment in a series that explores the four stages of how we process memory. It references the way a specific memory might erode during the second stage, storage.