Dolby art series
Dolby art series

Dolby art series

The Dolby art series is a collaboration with 32 artists and design studios around the world. Each artwork is inspired by the double-D — or two half-circles — of the iconic Dolby logo. The work is exhibited in Dolby® offices worldwide to celebrate our values, inspire creativity, and transport Dolby to new dimensions.

Dolby art

Dolby art

Dolby features the work of artists from all over the world who innovate in their own medium and use technology to create their work.

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Art_M1_1.jpgAbove left: Two cosmic energies pulled together by the desire to be near one another by Mike Perry and above right: detail

Art_M1_2.jpgAbove left: Hunch by Chris Ro and above right: Heard/Felt by Chris Ro

Art_M1_3.jpgAbove left: Mass Saturation by Leif Podhajsky and above right: Microspectra by Leif Podhajsky

Art_M1_4.jpgAbove left: Sound to Color by Jon Sueda and Chris Hamamoto and above right: Harmony by Veila De Iuliis

Art_M1_5.jpgAbove left: Frequency Impact by Studio Dunbar and above right: Radio Waves by Merijn Hos

Art_M1_6.jpgAbove left: Composition 4010 by Kate Steciw and above right: Slow Scan by AKU Collective

01.jpgAbove left: Input/Output by Gretel and above right: Untitled by Skip Hursh

02.jpgAbove left: Duality by VolvoxLabs and above right: detail

03.jpgAbove right: Quadtree by Reza Ali and above left: detail

04.jpgAbove left: Iconographic Transmission by GMUNK and above right: detail

05.jpgAbove: Untitled by Sawdust in Dolby Headquarters, San Francisco

06.jpgAbove left: Quantized by David McLeod, above right: detail.

07.jpgAbove right: Orchestrated Reality by Territory, above left: detail

Untitled (triptych) by Motoi Shito

09.jpgAbove left: Interference by onformative and above right: detail

10.jpgAbove left: Superposition by David McLeod and above right: detail

11.jpgAbove left: Plate Blue by Michael Paul Young and above right: Plate Red by Michael Paul Young

12.jpgAbove left: Tempest 1 by Daniel Freytag and above right: Untitled by Sara Andreasson

13.jpgAbove left: Equillibrium by Alexeï Tylvich / Logan and above right: Tempest 2 by Daniel Freytag


Quanta by Can Buyukberber, above left: detail

15.jpgAbove left: Cosmos by Field and above right: Distortion by David McLeod

16.jpgAbove left: Micocosmos by The Young Never Sleep and above right: Untitled by Mucho

Object to Image to Object (diptych) by Experimental Jetset

Order and Chaos by Supermundane

Above left: Untitled by Eddie Opara / Pentagram, and above right: Collisions by ManvsMachine

Drab verbiage

50 percent whimsical with minimal visuals and illustrations of the clumsy persuasion, and 50 percent meticulous layouts, grids, and typesetting, perfect for adding typographic flourish to Dolby patent language displayed on the walls of Dolby's legal…

Nature of Sound v2

“The Nature of Sound,” two original designs of his signature styles — geometric and colorful — that are meant to show the dynamic nature of sound without being representative.

Contour drawing to music

When you see Drew Tyndell’s work and learn about his background and experience, it all makes perfect sense.