Siggi Eggertsson

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Playing computer games isn’t always a waste of time. Lucky for Siggi Eggertsson, he discovered that he could turn his two biggest hobbies — computers and drawing — into a career: graphic design. Born in Akureyri, a small town on the northern coast of Iceland, he’s moved between New York, London, and Berlin, where he has settled for the time being, focusing on his work every step of the way. A self-described “image maker,” he’s known for combining geometric shapes and color to build both figurative and abstract images.


Medium: Illustration
Location: San Francisco
Date: 2015

It makes sense then that Eggertsson would be inspired by the shape of the Dolby® logo and choose to create “The Dolby D’s.” Taking on a grid-based structure that is seen in many of his designs, this large wall piece features the iconic Ds in a repetitive nature, shown largest in the center and multiplying as they get smaller and smaller at either end. “I was thinking about how sound travels,” explains Eggertsson of the design, as if it was meant to mimic the perception of sound waves from a fixed point. He also sought inspiration from how sound looks when printed on 35mm film, waveforms encoded on a strip. “It looks beautiful I think,” he says. And though overall visually abstract, the lines and symmetry of the piece are precise, of note for an artist who claims to have hated math. Maybe it was just calculus he didn’t like, because the fractal pattern shown in this work is certainly mathematical.

A subject he does love? Technology. “I love technology and try to implement and learn about new things when I can,” Eggertson says. “Working on a computer to create my work is much more natural for me than working with analog tools.” Perhaps not surprising considering he owes his career, in part, to that first PC he got and used to play games.

Siggi Eggertsson