Dolby demo content support

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Demo discs

Demo discs are only available for our licensees for retail demonstrations. Unfortunately, we can't distribute demo discs to consumers, due to our agreements with the content rights holders. 

If you're a home theater installer or retailer, please contact one of your device partners.

If you’re calibrating a new Dolby Atmos® setup, you actually don't need a Dolby Atmos demo disc. Instead, we recommend using the calibration tools built into the AVR.

Dolby Access app

You can also find additional demo content from us, as well as our partners, in the Dolby Access app, available on Xbox One systems, Windows 10 PCs, and 2017+ model year LG OLED and SUHD TVs.

Blu-ray and streaming

With over 500+ movies and TV shows in Dolby Vision® or Dolby Atmos, there’s no shortage of content to test your system. Whether you want instant access to content on Apple TV App, Netflix, Disney+, Vudu, or iTunes, or prefer watching titles on Blu-ray, it’s easier than ever to experience entertainment in Dolby at home.