Livestream to YouTube with the Dolby On app

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Before you can livestream to YouTube with the Dolby On app, your YouTube channel needs to be verified. Don’t worry, the verification process is very simple.
Just follow these quick steps:

Verify your YouTube account

  1. Go to to add your phone number and receive a verification code. 
  2. Once you are verified, continue to the following instructions.

Enabling your YouTube account to livestream

  1. Go to 
  2. Go to the Livestreaming section and choose Enable.
  3. It will take 24 hours to activate your account for livestreaming. Once activated, you can go live instantly.

Livestream with Dolby On

  1. Open the Dolby On app
  2. Swipe left to navigate to the Livestreaming feature
  3. Tap “Choose streaming account” 
  4. Tap on the YouTube icon
  5. Sign in to your verified account
  6. Tap "Go Live!"
If after following these steps you’re still unable to livestream - please check