Dolby Recording Tips

External devices and interfaces

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Dolby On is a great tool for your existing creative process and workflow. The app takes advantage of the high-quality microphones built into your phone or mobile device, but it can also improve the quality of sound being fed into the device via external sources like Lightning/USB-C microphones, mobile recording interfaces, and any other type of direct audio-input.
Below are some different use cases for external devices, along with some recommended gear that plays nice with Dolby On. 


External phone microphones

For: capturing directional sounds like; interviews, quiet instruments, or specific sound sources

We recommend:

  • Shure MV88 (for iOS devices)
  • Rode VideoMic (for Android devices)

Portable Lightning/USB-C interfaces

For: directly recording instruments, non-phone compatible microphones, or other input sources right into your phone

We recommend:

  • Apple AV Camera Adaptor (for iOS devices)
  • iRig 2 (for both iOS and Android devices)
  • iRig Pro (for both iOS and Android devices)
  • Scarlett Focusrite Interface range (for both iOS and Android devices)

iOS: An example use case for iOS devices would be plugging an Apple Lightning connector to a USB 3 camera adapter with a USB bus-powered interface (e.g. Focusrite Scarlett range).

Android: An Android use case example would be to plug an electric or bass guitar in to an iRig UA.


Directly input audio

For: inputting more complex multichannel mixes into Dolby On. Take advantage of Dolby On's processing to give your tracks automatic EQ and "mastering" effects, or use Dolby On as a livestreaming encoder for your multichannel audio mix.

We recommend:

  • Use the audio outputs of your mixer or USB recording interface to send a stereo output into your phone's input. Use Dolby On to record video and your multi-channel audio to get optimized sound and avoid tedious syncing within video editing or livestreaming software.


We're always looking to expand our arsenal. If there's a device you don't see here that you think is a great fit for Dolby On, drop us a line at: