Noise reduction and the countdown timer

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With Dolby On, you can enable a 3-2-1 countdown timer to appear once you tap record. The timer isn't just for looks, it actually helps us provide more robust noise estimation for better noise reduction in particularly noisy environments like a live show or outdoor settings. 

So, the question is, "Do I need to turn the countdown timer ON to get great noise reduction?" Answer: Nope! 

The 3-2-1 timer isn't needed if you're in a fairly quiet environment like your home, a cafe, or a studio, because Dolby On adds instant noise estimation behind the scenes, no matter what. It's part of the Dolby On magic. 

Pro Tip: Regardless if you choose to keep the countdown On, or turn it Off, we recommend trying to stay as quiet as you can before recording so that we can process background sound and reduce any unwanted noise.

As always, you can adjust the noise reduction level in your track or video by using the Noise Reduction tool and sliding scale.

We hope you find the countdown feature useful. Happy recording!