Set a default saving location for Android devices

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Save time and find your files fast by choosing a default saving location for your audio and video files. Once you've chosen a default location, the next time you save an audio or video track to your device, the location you've selected will appear.  

Step 1: Open the Dolby On App and go to the "Settings" screen

Step 2: Switch the "Export settings" label on

Scroll down to "Exporting settings," then switch the label on (the switch will turn green when on). 

Step 3: Choose a default file location for files saved to your Android device

  • Choose a default saving location for audio files under "Audio files location".  
  • Choose a default saving location for video files under "Video files location".
We recommend using "Music" for your audio recordings and "Movies" for your video recordings.

Step 4: Allow Dolby On to access files in the folder you've selected

Tap "Allow" to grant Dolby On access to the folder you selected.

Step 5: Done! Now go back to Library and try it out

  1. Select an audio or video recording from your library (except one of the 3 pre-loaded sample tracks). 
  2. Tap the three-dot share icon.
  3. Choose "Save Audio" or "Save Video" (depending on the default settings you've selected).
  4. Voila - your track will now appear in the default location you've selected. 

How to reset your export settings?

  1. Open the Dolby On App and go to the "Settings" screen.
  2. Tap on the "Export settings" section, then tap on the "Reset" button located in the top-right corner.
  3. Your export settings will now reset and access given to your designated folders will be revoked. You will now need to manually choose a location each time you export files. 

Running into issues? 

When saving tracks to your device, you may see a notification that says, "Something went wrong", here are a few possible causes and solutions:
  • Check that the default folder you've selected has not been renamed.
  • Check that the default folder you've selected has not been deleted.
  • Ensure that you have not selected an SD card as your default saving location, and that your SD card was removed.
  • Ensure that the Dolby On app cache for external storage info was not cleared on your device's setting.

Still having trouble? We are here to help!

Our developers are happy to assist you. Please contact us at with your device info and preferably a few screenshots. Happy recording!