Dolby Institute Fellowship
Dolby Institute Fellowship

Dolby Institute Fellowship

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Since 2014, The Dolby Institute Fellowship has given independent filmakers access to Dolby’s innovative tools and technologies - enabling them to fully realize their creative vision.

Meet the 2021 Fellowship recipients

These thought-provoking films brilliantly use sound and image to pull you into their personal and powerful stories. That's why we are excited to award them the 2021 Fellowship.


From first-time director Rebecca Hall, this elegant, psychological thriller picks apart the grinding tensions of American racism in 1920's Harlem with mesmerizing black-and-white cinematography. Hall deftly plays with image and sound to place the viewer in the protagonist's mind.


An artistically crafted documentary on the overwhelming prevalence of technology in the world around us, by director (and MacArthur "Genius Grant" winner) Natalia Almada. The film plays with scale and uses image and sound to deliberately disorient the viewer.


Set during Carnival on the Argentina-Bolivia border, this is Juan Pablo Félix’s vision of a young dancer caught between the most important competition of his life, and an ex-convict father dragging him into the criminal world.

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… being able to place those sounds and make this interior, muffled psychological space. And also the silence at the end having a very particular quality. It took a long time for us to hit on that. And it was [Dolby] Atmos that really brought it home.

Rebecca Hall, director of "Passing"

Making a deeper creative impact

Dolby Institute Fellowships help filmmakers achieve their full creative vision. With partners like the Sundance Institute, Chicken & Egg Pictures, SFFILM, and Bolivia Lab we identify independent films that are using sound and image to tell unique and exciting stories. We then provide these filmmakers with access to Dolby technologies and expert post-production support to help their films connect with audiences who will love them.


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