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  • R
  • 2h 14min
  • Historical drama
  • 21 1月 2017
  • Director: Dee Rees
  • Starring: Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Jason Mitchell

Two men return home from World War II to work on a farm in rural Mississippi.

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[Dolby Atmos] increases the subjectivity because we, as the audience, don't know where the next thing is going to come from or what's going to happen.


Mudbound, winner of the 2017 Dolby Institute Fellowship, is a powerful and provocative film about two men returning home from World War II to work on a farm in rural Mississippi, where they struggle with racism and adjusting to life after war.

The film, co-written and directed by Dee Rees, premiered in Dolby Atmos® at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, and was acquired by Netflix for a record sum. It premiered on the streaming platform in January 2017, followed by a week-long run in select theaters.

"We created the Dolby Institute Fellowship to support select independent movies which have a very ambitious role for sound in their storytelling, but don't have the resources to achieve it," said Dolby Institute director Glenn Kiser. "We chose Mudbound because, in addition to large-scale war scenes told largely through sound, the movie also used sound design very effectively to create the world of rural Mississippi farmland."