• Dolby Audio delivers rich, clear, powerful sound in the cinema, at home, and on the go.

  • The Dolby Audio Difference

    • Crystal-clear audio

      Helps you hear dialogue and details clearly on all your devices and in the cinema

    • Surround sound

      Provides up to 7.1 channels of surround sound—including virtual surround through headphones

    • Automatic volume control

      Prevents jumps in volume as you switch content, or go from broadcast programs to commercial breaks

    • Enhanced loudness

      Delivers louder volume on small speaker devices to make the full audio mix more intelligible

    • Optimized audio

      Works intelligently to optimize audio for your content and equipment

    • Varied content

      Unlocks the best sound for movies, games, music, and broadcast programs

    • Dolby Audio Technologies 

      The foundation of Dolby Audio is a set of technologies that use advanced audio formatting and signal processing to deliver enhanced sound.

      Learn more about these technologies and the specific benefits of each.