Disney+ in Dolby Vision

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Experience the best possible picture quality with Disney+ and Dolby Vision

Yes, you can find your favourite films and TV series in Dolby Vision on Disney+. Lots of Disney+ original and third-party content is available in Dolby Vision, so you can enjoy a variety of entertainment with your Disney+ subscription wherever you are, whenever you like. With Dolby Vision, cinema comes to you.

There’s all kinds of content available on Disney+ in Dolby Vision. From Walt Disney classics like The Lion King and Toy Story to musicals such as Soul, West Side Story, and Hamilton, there’s something for everyone to enjoy — kids and adults alike. And for those looking for some adventure, all of the new Star Wars and Marvel series, including She Hulk: Attorney at Law, can be viewed in Dolby Vision on Disney+. No matter what you’re into, there’s something for you, in the stunning detail and captivating colour made possible with Dolby Vision.

Disney+ adds new titles in Dolby Vision on a regular basis, so you can discover new content optimised for the best possible visual experience in the comfort of your own living room, home cinema, or even on the go.


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Dolby Vision on Disney+ deepens your home viewing

Have you ever struggled to see what’s happening during a particularly dark scene? Maybe you’ve missed the expression on someone’s face at night-time, or couldn’t see the contrast in an inky, dark, underwater montage. With the introduction of Dolby Vision, Disney+ viewers won’t miss a thing — Dolby Vision’s incredible contrast means you’ll be able to catch every miniscule detail. Users can unlock the full potential of 4K HDR for a streaming experience that allows its viewers to experience content beyond standard quality. It’s a night and day difference.

Dolby Vision on Disney+ lets you catch every detail of your chosen content with stunning picture, dynamic contrast, and mind-popping colour — making every scene spectacular. Watching films and TV series in Dolby Vision offers a superior viewing experience that takes you into the action, with darker darks and brighter brights that bring a cinema-like experience straight to your device.


Watching Disney+ films and TV series in Dolby Vision

You can enjoy Disney+ content in Dolby Vision in many different ways. Thanks to the widespread adoption of Dolby Vision by the film industry and distributors, many leading bands now carry devices enabled with Dolby Vision. Whether you want to watch on a television in your living room, or on a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, there’s a device for you. All you need is a Disney+ subscription, a Wi-Fi connection, and the gadget of your choice. Then you can sit back, relax, and watch Disney+ films or series for as long as you like. You can also take it to the next level and build your own personalised home cinema to unlock an even more immersive Dolby Vision viewing experience.

You can stream Dolby Vision programmes on Disney+ using your TV set’s built-in operating system. You can also use a compatible gaming console like an Xbox S/X series or a set-top box. Be sure to use high-quality HDMI cables to connect your devices. And you can stream wirelessly from your laptop or mobile using, for example, AirPlay or Chromecast. Disney+ will automatically play the highest video quality available for all content as long as your device supports it, so you don’t have to select Dolby Vision — just click on the title and enjoy.

Ready to experience the mesmerising picture quality of Dolby Vision? We can help you find the perfect set up.


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