• Brand Design Story

    The Essence of Dolby

    • The experience you hear and see today isn't the one you'll see tomorrow. We're constantly tinkering, constantly testing, but the time has come to invite you in. We are 700 engineers and scientists with more than 50 years of expertise. We have dedicated ourselves to the study of human perception and the challenge of invention. We're technicians. We're magicians. With unbridled imagination, we forge fantasy into supersensorial realities.

    • The power of Dolby lies in the ability to transport people through experiences of heightened sensibility. Through this power, we create a highly immersive sense of being there. People feel as if they were instantaneously moved from their cinema seat into a rain forest, from a living room to a soccer match, from an airport lounge to a headquarters conference room. We first take people across a threshold — a moment that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary, creating focus and intrigue. Then we reveal the spectacular, suddenly putting people into another world where they feel every dimension.
    • Design Strategy: Juxtaposition

      The interplay of art and science is the foundation of the Dolby brand design system. As in our brand character, two distinct elements come together to create contrast, tension, and interest.

      User interface and experience express juxtaposition with interactive elements that pop out against the background of the interface. Environments embrace contrasting dark and light spaces to build drama and mood. Industrial design uses organic surfaces that intersect with pure geometry to create distinct product experiences. Visual experience leverages a dynamic double-D framework to create variation and interest within the brand's core asset.

    • Design Principles


      Accentuate the brand's unrivaled ingenuity and willingness to push limits. Experimental discovery is expressed through a sense of wonder and imagination.


      Punctuate the evident rationale of solutions, while maintaining a sense of simplicity. A purposeful rationale is expressed through a sense of efficiency.


      Create intriguing, inspiring, and memorable moments, grand to modest. Captivating response is expressed through a surprising and bold reveal.

    • Visual Design Language

      The best visual identity systems are grounded in a core truth about a brand. At Dolby, we found many sources of inspiration in our rich history, but none quite as iconic as the double-D. The double-D is more than just a few letters. It is a representation of what the core of Dolby has been: the input and the output. The science behind the input and the artistic, creative output.

      This visual design system honors the heritage of our brand and the marriage between science and art to create a truly spectacular branded visual experience.

    • Typography: Dolby Gustan

      Typography is an art and science all its own. Typefaces help establish the brand personality. Different typefaces are often used within a single identity system to differentiate sections of information, such as headlines, body copy, and web content. Typefaces can be used to emphasize a word or phrase within sections of text or to establish the information architecture.

      From the thousands of available typefaces, Dolby Gustan was carefully selected for primary use in all Dolby communications. This typeface was chosen for its impact, legibility, cross-media performance, and wide range of font versions.