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    Game of Thrones: The First Television Show in Dolby Atmos

  • The creators of HBO's epic series, Game of Thrones, discuss how the power of Dolby Atmos elevates your Blu-ray experience.

  • Producer Greg Spence and the sound team share their excitement about Dolby Atmos.

    • Swordfights, jousts, and political intrigue come alive as never before on TV with the release of the first two seasons of Game of Thrones® in Dolby Atmos® sound on Blu-ray™ and digital HD.

      Producer Greg Spence tells why Dolby Atmos is the best way to experience the hit HBO® show: "Sound is extraordinarily important to Game of Thrones, I think, now even more so than most television shows. As the technology expands, the experience can expand."

      Dolby Atmos goes beyond the adrenaline rush of bringing you into the action. Rerecording mixer Onnalee Blank emphasizes the total experience: "Sometimes the real quiet scenes are more immersive. It's the birds, and the winds, and all the subtleties of the scene are behind you and below you and in front of you. You really feel like you're in the room with the characters."

      Blank sums it up: "Game of Thrones is a perfect show for Dolby Atmos. It's huge, big battles; there's awesome music. You're sitting in a room, and there's sound all around you. It's like 3D sound." Rerecording mixer Tim Hoogenakker adds: "I would encourage anybody watching Game of Thrones to see it in Dolby Atmos."

      Game of Thrones: Season 1 is now available in Dolby Atmos on Blu-ray.

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      Game of Thrones: Season 2 is now available in Dolby Atmos on Blu-ray.

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