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  • The Mad Max: Fury Road mixer talks about scaling the movie's theatrical release soundtrack for home theater.

    • "What I noticed with [Dolby] Atmos is that you really have the sense that you're moving forward with people on the screen." For Matthew Iadarola, rerecording mixer for the Blu-ray™ release, Dolby Atmos® sound opened up new possibilities and new excitement. "With [Dolby] Atmos, you've got a three-dimensional world … It's almost like you have a bigger screen for the picture. We have a bigger palette for the sound."

      "We want to scale it down to the home theater without changing the needs of the director," he continues. "I really did feel that the definition and clarity extended from the theatrical to the home theater."

      Iadarola likes the freedom to explore the possibilities that Dolby Atmos creates. And he feels certain scenes really stand out, like the opening car chase. "The sound starts in the back, goes overhead. In the case of [Dolby] Atmos, you hear it over you, and then it lands in front of you on the screen. That's the best thing you can do, sort of transcend the space that you're in. That was really special, and that's not available other than [Dolby] Atmos."

      Listen to Dolby Institute's Glenn Kiser go in depth with Oscar-winning sound editors Mark Mangini and Dave White.

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      Mad Max: Fury Road is now available in Dolby Atmos on Blu-ray.

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