• Nominated for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing

    The Revenant in Dolby Atmos

  • The director and sound designers talk about striving for authenticity.

    • "I think as sound designers, editors, and mixers, we need to realize the magic in the sounds around us and use them." Supervising sound editor and rerecording mixer Randy Thom talks about what helps make The Revenant so realistic.

      Thom elaborates, "What's presented to us in the real world by way of sounds is so rich—what we need to do is to figure out how to select which kind of sounds to use … the sound had to be absolutely natural, authentic, believable." Dolby Atmos®, with its ability to precisely place and move sounds throughout the auditorium, helps recreate this reality in the theatre.

      The movie seeks to present sounds from the perspective of the characters. Dolby Atmos puts the audience in the middle of the action, whether it's a bear attack, a chase, or a simple lonely campfire. Supervising sound editor and sound designer Martín Hernández sums it up: "I can say that the results are very eloquent."

      The Revenant was released in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision™ and is nominated for 12 Academy Awards®.

      Listen to Dolby® Institute Director Glenn Kiser go in depth with sound editors Lon Bender and Martin Hernandez.

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