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    Disney's The Jungle Book in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision 3D

  • Director/producer Jon Favreau talks about the new artistic possibilities that Dolby technologies bring to digital filmmaking.

  • Hear from director/producer Jon Favreau about Dolby Atmos® and Dolby Vision™.

    • Based on the classic Rudyard Kipling stories, The Jungle Book combines live action and animation in an exciting and moving story of self-discovery. The first movie released in Dolby Vision 3D, it offers a much brighter 3D experience: "Watching a crystal-clear image where you feel you just climb onto the screen is a game changer," says director/producer Jon Favreau. "This sets a new bar for how beautiful visuals can be."

      Favreau praises Dolby Atmos sound as well. "Because of the array of speakers in Dolby Atmos, we're able to surround the audience with various musical instruments that would move dynamically throughout the musical piece."

      Dolby Vision is available only at Dolby Cinema™ locations. Discover Dolby Cinema.