• Brand Anthem

    On a Quest for the Spectacular

  • At Dolby, we power sight and sound experiences that are amazingly vivid, so you can feel transported to another place.

  • See how Dolby innovations let you feel, escape, and connect like never before.

    • We're the rain on the roof in a movie. The music flowing through your earbuds when you're at the gym. The footsteps lurking behind you in a video game. The voice of a colleague on a call who seems to be right next to you. The sight of a breathtakingly bright and vivid sunset on your TV.

      Dolby is the home of hundreds of artists, scientists, and engineers dedicated to the study of human perception, the experience of artistic immersion, and the joy of creative invention. We pour our curiosity and imagination into technological breakthroughs that are transforming today's audio and visual experiences in ways you never thought possible. And we're just getting started.

      Through countless hours of experimentation, testing, and fine-tuning, we create experiences so lifelike that you'll feel as if you've been transported into a cinematic story or a pulsing sphere of music, a distant conference room, or an aerial dogfight in another galaxy. Through innovative audio and imaging technology, we give everyone the power to see, hear, and feel the spectacular.

    • Dolby Creates Still

      Dolby Creates

      From collaborating with artists from all over the world to designing in-house from the ground up, Dolby brings art and technology together to create groundbreaking stories, products, and experiences.

  • Dolby Technologies

    Dolby transforms the science of sight and sound into spectacular experiences in the cinema, at home, at work, and on the go.