• Conversations with Oscar® Nominees—2019 Edition

    Listen to podcast conversations with artists nominated for Academy Awards® in sound editing and sound mixing.

    • The Dolby Institute Mission: To Educate and Empower

      In our early days, we started by providing Dolby® noise-reduction technology to recording artists and engineers to ensure their music sounded just the way they wanted.

      Then we used those same technologies to bring surround sound to the movies and the home. We continue to empower storytellers with new technologies like Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Vision™, and Dolby Audio™.

      In keeping with our history of supporting artists, we created the Dolby Institute to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of content creators. We want artists to unlock the power of sound and image technologies to help you tell your stories.

      We created the Dolby Institute to help you think critically and creatively about audio and imaging from the beginning of the creative process.

      Whether you're a young artist posting your first homemade video to YouTube™, a filmmaker premiering your first movie at a film festival, or a writer working on a hit television show, the Dolby Institute is a resource for you on topics about sound and picture.

      "The Dolby Institute engages artists by providing education, inspiration, and support throughout the creative process," says Glenn Kiser, Director, Dolby Institute. "We encourage thinking creatively about sound and visuals as storytelling tools from the beginning."

  • The Future of Storytelling

    The Dolby Institute develops educational programming to help you advance the art of storytelling, whether you're making a film, mixing the sound for a sporting event, or designing the next-generation virtual reality experience.

  • The Dolby Institute was created to educate and inspire content providers to effectively use audio and imaging technologies as creative tools.