• Dolby Institute Sound Tutorials

  • Corridor Digital, in partnership with the Dolby Institute, provides short tutorials with tips to help digital content creators make their videos sound better.

    • Technology is making it easier and easier to shoot great-looking video for your digital online projects. But what about the sound? Getting great sound can be a challenge. 

      In this series of short videos created in partnership with the Dolby® Institute, Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer of Corridor Digital provide tutorials and talks on topics such as Foley, mixing, fixing production audio problems, using sound design creatively, and more.

      Corridor Digital Audio Series
      This series helps guide beginning filmmakers and storytellers on a low budget to make the best videos and programs they can. 

      Series Videos

      • Do-It-Yourself Foley: Use do-it-yourself (DIY) Foley to make video sound come alive.
      • Mixing: Learn how to use simple mixing techniques to combine layers of sound.
      • Fixing Audio: Discover how to fix production audio problems like background noise.
      • Sound Design: Learn how to use sound design to create and layer sounds to add realism.
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      The Dolby Institute

      Our mission is to educate and inspire content providers in the effective use of audio and visual technologies as a creative tool.