• Daito Manabe

    Science You Can See

    • Dedicated to the importance of scientific discovery and human perception, the Perception Machines installation showcased how neuroscience plays a major role in the development of sound and visual technology at Dolby. The installation speaks to how our brain interprets the world and how Dolby models the sensorial system.

    • Dolby® Gallery created an artist-in-residence program, partnering artist Daito Manabe with the Dolby neuroscience team for several days. The result of the residency was a new commission that captures the brain's process of perception and the manufacture of illusion.

    • To celebrate the exhibition, Dolby Gallery hosted "Science You Can See," an evening of short presentations on current experiments in human perception.

    • Presenters at the event Included:

      • Poppy Crum, Head Scientist, Dolby Laboratories
      • Alex Huth, Researcher, Gallant Lab, UC Berkeley, with a focus on semantic brain mapping
      • Aaron Soloway, Senior Designer/Engineer, IDEO, with a focus on the intersection of human-centric innovation and music