• Dolby Media Meter

    • Dolby Media Meter is an innovative software tool that accurately measures loudness the way your viewers experience it in programming for broadcast, packaged media, cinema trailers, video on demand (VOD), and games.

    • Dolby Media Meter Plug-In

      • Differences in audio levels between programs and channels, or between programs and commercials, are a major annoyance to TV viewers. Although easy to hear, these differences are much more difficult to measure. And without accurate measurement, you can't regulate these irritating shifts in sound level.

        Dolby® Media Meter joins the lineup of unique and innovative Dolby tools that solve these measurement problems, accurately and objectively measuring loudness as your viewers subjectively experience it.

        Dolby Media Meter features Dialogue Intelligence™ technology, adapted from the award-winning Dolby Program Optimizer DP600. Dialogue Intelligence automatically detects speech in the audio track and only then measures loudness.

        Stand-Alone and Plug-In Capabilities

        Used as a stand-alone product or an AudioSuite plug-in, Dolby Media Meter offers faster-than-real-time, file-based measurement (speed is hardware-dependent). You can use this for DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ mastering, and for program creation and quality control applications in audio production, postproduction, and broadcast facilities.

        As an AAX plug-in for Avid® Pro Tools®, or as a VST plug-in for applications such as Steinberg® Nuendo® or Sony® Sound Forge™, Dolby Media Meter measures loudness in real time, allowing you to track levels during the mixing process to help meet network delivery requirements. Real-time versions can simultaneously display short- and long-term loudness levels with or without Dialogue Intelligence.

        Unbeatable Value

        For accuracy, flexibility, and ease of use, Dolby Media Meter delivers an unbeatable value. A paid upgrade is also available if you already own the original Dolby Media Meter.

      • Controlling Broadcast Loudness

        Powerful Dolby technologies help you control broadcast loudness problems and ensure a better listening experience.

    • Features

      • Automatic Speech Detection

        Dialogue Intelligence is a speech-gating technology that only measures loudness on the segments of a program that contain dialogue.

      • Advanced Measurement Algorithms

        Dolby Media Meter uses the ITU-R BS.1770-1, BS-1770-2, or BS-1770-3 algorithms and includes all the measurements required for EBU R128 mode operation to measure loudness the way viewers subjectively experience it.

      • User-Selectable Measurement Options

        Options include Leq(m) for cinema trailers and commercials, Leq(A), True Peak, Dialogue Range, and Loudness Range.

      • Added Features

        Dolby Media Meter adds a number of features to the original Dolby Media Meter, including level meters, a user-selectable peak limiter, a warning setting with user-selectable function and threshold, and real-time graphing.

      • Dolby Media Meter Specifications

        Dolby Media Meter runs as an Apple® Macintosh® or a Microsoft® Windows® stand-alone application and as a plug-in for the following platforms:

        • Avid Pro Tools AAX
        • Avid Pro Tools AudioSuite
        • VST

        All versions can produce and save log files.

        Supported audio formats include:

        • Dolby Digital Plus™
        • Dolby Digital
        • Dolby TrueHD
        • Dolby E
        • PCM

        Hardware Requirements

        Apple Macintosh

        • Apple Macintosh computers with Intel® processors running Mac OS® X version 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion™), Mac OS 10.9.4 (Mavericks™), or Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite™)
        • 2 GB RAM
        • 2 GHz or faster (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended)
        • 100 MB free disk space required for installation
        • PACE iLok USB smart key

        Microsoft Windows

        • Intel Core™2 Duo
        • Microsoft® Windows® 7
        • Microsoft Windows 8.1
        • 2 GB RAM
        • 100 MB free disk space required for installation
        • PACE iLok USB smart key

        Supported Audio Workstations

        Avid Pro Tools

        • Pro Tools version 10.3.9 and later (Pro Tools software, HD, HD Native, and HDX)
        • Pro Tools version 11.2 and later (Pro Tools software, HD Native, and HDX)
        • Pro Tools version 12.3 and later (Pro Tools software, HD Native, and HDX)

        Steinberg Nuendo

        • Nuendo versions 6 and 6.5

        Sony Sound Forge

        • Sound Forge version (Mac)
        • Sound Forge 2 (Mac)
        • Sound Forge version 11 (Windows)
      • Download Dolby Media Meter for a Free Trial

        Dolby Media Meter can run in free-trial mode for 14 days. The trial does not require an iLok authorization; however, it does require an iLok USB dongle to activate the trial. Visit the iLok website to obtain an iLok.

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