• Dolby Atmos
    for Virtual Reality

    • Dolby Atmos gives you a complete set of mastering tools for delivering breathtaking sound that deepens immersion in the VR experience.

    • See what Dolby Atmos can do for virtual reality.

    • The Dolby Atmos Production Suite comprises software tools that work in conjunction with the industry-standard Pro Tools audio workstation.

    • Tools for Dolby Atmos in VR

      • Dolby Atmos Panner Plug-in for Pro Tools

        Lets you place audio objects in 3D space and generates object metadata that is authored with the final content

      • Renderer

        Takes the audio and metadata from Pro Tools®, and creates the mix in the Dolby Atmos® environment, returning a binaurally rendered mix that is encoded into standard Dolby Digital Plus™ format

      • Video Player

        Plays in sync with Pro Tools and allows you to view equirectangular or 3D video on an Oculus® headset, while sending positional data back to the renderer, so you can hear the effects of head tracking (distributed separately via dolby.com/vrtools)

      • Monitor Application

        Provides signal metering and a dynamic view of all mix objects, so you can see where each object is placed in the 3D space

      • Dolby Atmos VR Transcoder

        Transcodes a Dolby Atmos master file (.atmos) to a VR-optimized Dolby .ec3 bitstream, audio-only .mp4, or B-format .wav (FuMa and AmbiX) for subsequent mixing with video files.

      • Powerful Tools for Creation, Distribution, and Playback

        The Dolby Atmos Production Suite starts from the same powerful tools used for creating cinema soundtracks but enhances these tools for VR apps. You can place sounds below the viewer and include flexible scene-relative and head-relative head tracking that you can turn on or off for individual sounds with a single click.

      • What Is Dolby Atmos?

        In the cinema, at home, and on the go, Dolby Atmos transports you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with breathtaking sound that moves all around you.

      • Apps in Dolby

        Explore the latest apps with Dolby® technology for Android™, iOS, and Windows® devices.

    • Precise placement of sounds around, above, and below the viewer deepens the immersiveness to make the experience highly realistic.

      • Dolby Atmos evolves the premier cinema sound experience for immersive VR audio playback over headphones or home theater systems to create powerful, moving audio that seems to flow all around the viewer.

        In Dolby Atmos, sounds exist as individual entities, called audio objects. You can precisely place and move these objects around the viewer, including above and below, to create a complete audio environment with discrete sounds that perfectly follow the onscreen story and fully immerse the viewer in a more realistic, more visceral, and more emotive experience.

        Once you've encoded the master file, the soundtrack can be paired with video in a standard MPEG-4 container. The MPEG-4 file is then decoded by an app on a mobile device or an AVR that is equipped with Dolby Atmos, making the experience highly scalable.

        Encoding in Dolby Atmos ensures that viewers can be immersed in moving audio whether they are playing your content back on a mobile device or a complete home theater.

        In addition, by mixing in the Dolby Atmos Production Suite, your content will play back with a more efficient bit rate and lower CPU usage.

        By leveraging the precision, flexibility, reliability, and scalability of Dolby Atmos, you can conjure the story's sounds all around your viewers to make them feel like they're inside the action, and create a powerful, moving entertainment experience.

    • Publish world-class VR experiences with breathtaking spatial audio in Dolby Atmos for VR content, apps, and services.

    • Benefits of Dolby Atmos for VR Apps and Services

      • Trusted by Creative Professionals and Consumers

        The preferred choice of leading filmmakers and artists, Dolby Atmos® comes to virtual reality from one of the most trusted brands in consumer and professional audio.

      • Complete Atmosphere of Sound

        Content creators can place and move sound anywhere in a three-dimensional space with pinpoint accuracy to immerse viewers in the virtual world.

      • Business Advantage

        Efficient, easy-to-use, and well-supported tools help you quickly implement advanced Dolby Atmos audio features in an app or content portal to deliver cutting-edge VR experiences across leading platforms and devices.

      • Playback Reliability

        Dolby Atmos ensures a consistent high-quality playback experience across supported platforms: Android™, iOS, Windows®, Samsung Gear VR®, Oculus Rift® and HTC Vive™.

    • Experience Dolby Atmos cinematic VR titles through Jaunt and Littlstar.

      • Powerful Tools for Creation, Playback, and Distribution

        Dolby Atmos for VR Applications is a complete set of tools to help you deliver a more compelling VR experience across all major platforms. Use our SDK to implement the full capabilities of the Dolby Atmos decoder and renderer in your apps and services, and provide a premium listening experience.

        Our tools help you play back an impressive, high-quality experience for all viewers with consistent, predictable results. Viewers get amazing sound that evokes a strong sense of presence.

        Content distribution is made simple using Dolby Atmos. By implementing the Dolby Atmos decoder and VR renderer inside your app, you can ensure a high-quality playback experience, complete with advanced features such as the ability to combine head-relative and scene-relative objects without the need to send a separate audio stream. As a result, Dolby Atmos enabled VR apps and services can deliver a super-realistic spatial audio experience while providing more efficient CPU usage and lower bit rates.

        Dolby Atmos speeds innovation to market for VR audio experiences from a growing community of VR content creators. Dolby engineers work with that community to drive technological improvements and release libraries to partners as soon as new features are implemented.

        Many Dolby Atmos VR titles have already been created and are now available from partners including Jaunt and Littlstar, with many more in the works.

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      • What Is Dolby Atmos?

        In the cinema, at home, and on the go, Dolby Atmos transports you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with breathtaking sound that moves all around you.

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