Dolby Logo Use Agreement Application

For Encoded Content and Media

Dolby Laboratories provides a Logo Use Agreement for companies that wish to use Dolby trademarks to indicate that their recorded content is encoded with Dolby® technologies.

The agreement should be signed by the company with rights to distribute the content—for example, a game publisher, a record label, a home video company, and/or its distributors. If you are a studio or developer producing work for a client, please ask your client to complete this form.


Please complete this online form, and Dolby Laboratories will send the appropriate agreement(s) for your review and approval.

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Please describe your project. Include which Dolby ® trademarks you wish to license for use on what media formats.

Example: We are creating an interactive educational program with Dolby Digital for release on a DVD.
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If you are requesting Dolby trailers, please indicate the trailer format desired. If this pulldown list is blank, please make sure you have entered a country of origin for your company, and selected a media format, before indicating the trailer format desired.
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NDA Acknowledge Agreement
You hereby acknowledge and confirm that the licensing information you are requesting contains sensitive information about Dolby's licensing practices and pricing policies. You hereby agree that any and all information supplied to you by Dolby pursuant to the license application process is, and shall remain, confidential and proprietary to Dolby. You may not disclose any such Dolby confidential information to any third party or exploit any Dolby confidential information without Dolby's prior written permission.
Please select the "I AGREE" checkbox to acknowledge your acceptance of these terms and continue your application process.