• Alfonso Cuarón and the Sound of Gravity

  • Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón used Dolby Atmos to help fill the void of space and create Academy Award winning sound in the film.

  • Alfonso Cuarón talks about the sound of Gravity.

  • Hear the Emptiness of Space

    Director Alfonso Cuarón had a particular challenge when approaching how to accurately incorporate sound into the film Gravity. The film is largely set in space—in a vacuum, where sound is not transmitted. Cuarón, who went on to win the Academy Award® for Best Director for the film, filled the vacuum with music that was mixed using Dolby Atmos® technology.

    "The storytelling element of sound is very important because it's part of the immersive experience," says Cuarón. "Particularly in Dolby Atmos, you can feel the music rolling all around you."

    "When I started mixing my films, I was always asking for possibilities in the mixing room that were not achievable," says the director. "And now, finally, with this system that is Dolby Atmos, this dream came true. You really can explore the possibilities of depth and separation as never before."

    In addition to the Oscar® for Best Director, Gravity won six other Academy Awards®, including three related to sound: Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Music (Original Score).

  • "[With] Dolby Atmos, you can feel the music rolling all around you."

    Alfonso Cuarón, Director of Gravity