• Dolby Atmos Sound System for PCs

    • With Dolby designed speakers and software, Dolby Atmos Sound System delivers breakthrough sound on the PC.

    • Dolby Atmos Sound System Benefits

      • Dolby designed audio solution

        Combines custom speakers and software for each PC model to deliver breakthrough sound

      • Headphone or speaker experience

        Listen privately over headphones or out loud over PC speakers

      • Enhanced volume, detail, and bass

        Provides enhanced loudness and greater detail without distortion

      • Encompassing sound placed and moved around you

        Creates a fuller, more immersive experience that puts you inside the action

      • Dialogue intelligibility

        Delivers crisp, clear dialogue so it's easier to hear every word

      • With our expertise in sound for cinema, home, and mobile, Dolby engineers have created a bold new solution for audio on PCs. Working closely with manufacturers, we applied our knowledge to custom design hardware and software that can fit in a limited space and yet still produce powerful, encompassing sound. We develop and carefully test these systems, advise OEMs on production and manufacturing, and help manufacturers deliver a great result: Dolby Atmos® Sound System, the best Dolby® sound offering for PC.

        Dolby Atmos Sound System creates an amazing experience over Dolby designed PC speakers and over headphones, with breathtaking, moving audio that flows above and around you. You'll feel like you're inside the action as sound comes alive with richness and depth, and seems to move in three-dimensional space. Immersive and emotive, Dolby Atmos is sound you can feel — sound that creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience.

    • Breakthrough Sound on the PC

      To find products with Dolby Atmos Sound System, visit the Huawei website.

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