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    The Sound of Unbroken in Dolby Atmos

  • In Unbroken, the story of former Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini is told through the sonic lens of Dolby Atmos.

  • The Unbroken sound crew discusses how Dolby Atmos® makes the soundtrack more realistic.

    • When director Angelina Jolie told supervising sound editor Becky Sullivan that she wanted Unbroken to be "an elegant-sounding film," Sullivan was up for the challenge.

      Unbroken is the story of how former Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini survived a plane crash on a raft for 47 days, only to become a prisoner of war. Despite the harshness of the World War II story, Jolie's goal was to create a beautiful film that didn't necessarily "sound like a Hollywood film."

      Supervising sound editor Andrew DeCristofaro talked about the importance of background sounds, and how "the sound of the plane engine, the sound of the crickets … is as much a part of the score as the score." The background and the atmospheric sound quality plunge viewers right into the experience.

      "When you're in the ocean … or in the jungle, and you hear the bugs, you just feel like you're in that space. … It just feels more realistic," noted DeCristofaro. The goal was to extend the film off the screen and into the theatre.

      What really shone through, according to the sound team, was the way that Dolby Atmos helped ignite the sounds of the background and contribute to the overall atmospheric quality. Bigger sounds from planes and rafts in the action scenes were complemented that much more by the music and background sounds.

      Rerecording mixer Frank Montaño added, "The more subtlety that's in it, the more it [Dolby Atmos] showcases." Ultimately, the sound is supportive without being intrusive.

      The key, according to Montaño, is that it's all about telling the story first and then letting the sound help tell that story without interfering.

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  • "This film was served well with [Dolby] Atmos. … In the opening, what we did musically and what we did with the atmospheres … really paid a big dividend. It was subtle, but very precise."

    Frank Montaño, Rerecording Mixer