How to get Dolby Vision

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How to get Dolby Vision

It’s easy to get the Dolby Vision® experience at home and on the go so you can catch every detail of the series and films that you love. Now you can experience the best in entertainment from the big screen to your living room and mobile. You can get the ultimate Dolby experience at a Dolby Cinema but don’t worry, if you can’t make it you can still bring the best parts of the cinema home with Dolby Vision, using any compatible TV screen or device. You can also enhance your viewing with the spatial sound of Dolby Atmos® to deliver even richer immersion. Read more about it here.

Dolby Vision allows creators to unlock the full potential of HDR in their films and series. The mind-popping colour and picture-perfect contrast that Dolby Vision makes possible means you get the experience the creators intended. It can be subtle, like the sun glinting on water in the classic film La Piscine or more dramatic, like the gritty, low-light details and bursts of vibrant colour in Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems.


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Dolby Vision in three simple steps

To enjoy Dolby Vision on your TV you’ll need to check just three simple things to make sure you are set up to watch in the mesmerising picture quality of Dolby Vision.

  1. This is the most important step. Make sure your TV supports Dolby Vision by looking for the badge when you make your purchase or by asking a sales assistant. TVs enabled with Dolby Vision can be bought from leading brands such as Hisense, LG, Philips, Sony, TCL, Toshiba, Vizio, as well as many others. There are several ways to get series and films with Dolby Vision on your TV, but you can also use a mobile device enabled with Dolby Vision, including many iPhones and iPads from Apple. Look for the Dolby Vision badge or ask the retailer.

  2. Choose a streaming service and subscription that supports Dolby Vision. Don’t worry most of the major ones do, including Apple TV+, Netflix, HBO Max (US), Paramount+ (US), Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more. You can also enjoy gaming and live sports in Dolby Vision so there is a ton of great entertainment to enjoy.

  3. Be sure that your subscription plan supports Dolby Vision. Once you’ve done that just look for the Dolby Vision badge on the title page of your chosen entertainment. You’ll also want to make sure your internet connection is fast enough to reliably stream Dolby Vision content. Many streaming services recommend a minimum of 25Mbps for a smooth experience, though slower connections may work.

    One last thing, If there is a streaming-quality setting on your device, make sure it is set to High. Mobile devices may default to a lower quality to minimise bandwidth use while on telco networks.

    That’s it! Your TV should do the rest by automatically detecting and setting everything just right for a premium experience.


There’s more to Dolby Vision

Streaming is a quick and easy way to enjoy content in Dolby Vision. But there’s even more you can do. Both the Xbox S/X series consoles are enabled with Dolby Vision so you can experience a whole new world of gaming. You can even use the consoles to control your streaming apps. You can also use various set-top boxes to deliver films and series to your TV, including those from Apple, Roku, and others. Or if you’d prefer to watch your films on disc, stand-alone 4K UHD players are available. These are an easy way to expand your options for viewing content in Dolby Vision. You’ll want to make sure you use a high-quality HDMI cable when connecting your devices to get the best experience. Find out more here.

You can also stream Dolby Vision content on your computer if you have a monitor enabled with Dolby Vision and it’s supported by your streaming platform. You can also purchase digital copies of films and series from a variety of sellers, including Apple, Google Play, and others that you can watch on your computer. You can even use AirPlay or Cast from your computer to your TV, if supported.

Ready to transform your entertainment at home with Dolby Vision? However you choose to watch, whatever you choose to watch, following these simple steps will get you the best possible experience across your devices. Get started building your own personalised home cinema today with our handy setup guide.


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