• Become a Dolby Conference Phone reseller

    • Dolby means business. By creatively applying our engineering to today's conferencing needs, we created Dolby Voice and the Dolby Conference Phone — software and hardware solutions that overcome longstanding challenges to deliver breakthrough products and experiences that delight business leaders, users, and IT.

    • Benefits of the Dolby Conference Phone and Dolby Voice service

      • Opportunity growth

        Dolby Voice® is a conferencing solution that was built from the ground up to address today's demand for collaboration hardware for spaces from huddle rooms to boardrooms.

      • Unique engineering and design

        The Dolby Conference Phone delivers advanced features for a breakthrough experience that users overwhelmingly prefer and that supports measurably greater productivity.

      • IT-friendly design

        Dolby Voice solutions address many key IT needs, with a conference phone and software that are simple to set up and use, work with existing communications investments, and are turnkey to integrate and manage.

      • Breakthrough conferencing software

        Dolby Voice software works through leading video, web, and voice conferencing services to bring new capabilities to the Dolby Conference Phone and new value to users.

      • Powerful brand and story

        Dolby Voice solutions meet market demands for real and practical innovation in the space with a truly new solution from a brand that is highly respected for innovation in engineering.

      • Part of an innovative hardware and software solution that flexes to accommodate all kinds of businesses, work spaces, and work styles, Dolby Voice and the Dolby Conference Phone are designed to help you excel in today's competitive collaboration business.

        IT will appreciate the way Dolby Voice complements their existing investments, is integrated into leading collaboration services, and is easy to deploy and manage. Business buyers and end users will love getting a stunning experience from a trusted brand known for delivering breakthrough engineering.

        Sell the solution that brings real innovation to the marketplace and makes great business sense for today's buyers.