• SLS Planar Ribbon Driver Technology

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      The key element in the design of many SLS loudspeakers is a push/pull neodymium ribbon driver. These planar ribbons, combined with our proprietary wave guides, select woofers, and cabinet designs, create loudspeakers with world-class performance.

      • SLS has developed a way to manufacture high-frequency loudspeaker drivers with new materials, producing speakers that can achieve extremely high output levels with fast transient response and ultra-low distortion. SLS planar-ribbon drivers (PRDs) feature a Kapton® diaphragm with an etched aluminum conductive trace that is symmetrically driven by powerful neodymium magnets. Kapton is used because it's extremely lightweight and can handle temperatures as high as 750 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, the mass of this planar ribbon diaphragm is more than 100 times lighter than a typical four-inch titanium compression driver diaphragm, and more than 50 times lighter than a typical hi-fi dome tweeter diaphragm. The result is a driver with incredibly fast transient response, ultra-low distortion, high sensitivity, and extended frequency response beyond 40 kHz. The flat radiating surface of the ribbon diaphragm is ideal for the radiation of sound, and it is truly in phase. This isophasic sound emanates from the ribbon surface as a coherent wavefront that is free from resonance, cancellations, or delays.

        It's a minimalist approach to producing sound, without compression chambers, throats, phase plugs, or voice-coil formers. There are no obstructions, and the ribbon diaphragm is ideally coupled to the air-load in front of the speaker baffle, so that the sound expands naturally, with even dispersion over its entire frequency range. A proprietary progressive damping technique effectively absorbs the rear-radiated sound, preventing it from reflecting back out the front of the diaphragm.

        Another advantage of the planar ribbon driver is that it's a purely resistive load, without impedance shifting, so it is easily driven by any amplifier and is also easy to cross over, either passively or actively. The push/pull neodymium design means that the ribbon drivers are inherently video shielded. FEA computer modeling has been used to design a magnetic structure that wicks away heat, resulting in a driver that is capable of handling up to 1,200 watts for a 200-millisecond period, which is very similar to a typical musical peak.

        These and other SLS design considerations have facilitated the development of loudspeaker systems that are capable of delivering unprecedented intelligibility and musical detail at high sound-pressure levels, while drastically reducing listener fatigue.

    • SLS Pro Audio Installations

      Audio consultants and design firms across the globe continue to select SLS speaker systems for placement in projects ranging from arenas and clubs to sanctuaries and performing arts venues. View photos of some venues that use SLS Pro Audio loudspeaker technology.

    • Cubberley Auditorium, Stanford University / Palo Alto, CA

      Cubberley Auditorium at Stanford University now houses a very unique sound system that performs multiple functions. SLS CPC1212 column arrays, CPA6600v2 modular arrays, and a variety of SLS surround point-source speakers come together in a solution that offers stage speech and lecture sound reinforcement as well as a 48-channel Dolby Atmos cinema audio system.

      SLS Professional Audio Products: 115-I, CPA6600v2-I, CPC1212-I, CS1290C, CS1290S, CS218XL, CS890C, CS890S

    • First United Methodist Church / Pasadena, CA

      Founded in 1875, the First United Methodist Church of Pasadena serves people from throughout the city and neighboring communities. The church sanctuary now features an SLS CPC1210 column line-source array system, with a total of ten units: five units each on either side of the proscenium wall.

      SLS Professional Audio Product: CPC1210-WT - Column Line Array Series

    • The Quail Car Week / Monterey, CA

      Since 2003, "The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering" has lured motorsports enthusiasts from around the world to the lush grounds of the Quail Lodge and Golf Club. For the last two years, organizers have chosen SLS Pro Audio products for the event's sound reinforcement. Multiple line array configurations are used throughout the venue, including LS8800 and CPC1212 systems.

      SLS Professional Audio Product: LS8800 Ribbon Line Array

    • JQH Arena / Springfield, MO

      The 11,000-seat JQH Arena has become one of the top entertainment venues in the state of Missouri and hosts the Missouri State Bears basketball team, as well as performances from concerts to public-speaking events. Arena management selected a combination of multiple SLS LS7500 and LS6500 ribbon line array systems for sound reinforcement in the arena.

      SLS Professional Audio Product: LS6500 5

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