• Behind the Magic

    Dolby Celebrates 2017 Best Picture Nominees

  • The filmmakers behind the 2017 Best Picture–nominated films gathered at the Dolby Cinema at the Vine on Feb. 22 to give the Hollywood audience and Facebook Live attendees an exclusive look behind the magic of their films. Watch these short videos to hear what they said.

  • Arrival visual effects supervisor Louis Morin discusses creating the film's unique visuals.

  • Lion screenwriter Luke Davies explains how he transformed a 25-year journey into the Oscar® nominated film.

  • Hacksaw Ridge sound editor Robert Mackenzie shared insight on the film's gripping war sounds.

  • Moonlight cinematographer James Laxton discusses how he shot the visually stunning ocean scene.

  • La La Land cinematographer Linus Sandgren explains shooting Los Angeles as if it were a character in the film.