• Reflecting Waves


    • Cut/Copy’s Reflecting Waves exploits the unusually wide dimension of the screens in the Dolby Gallery to imagine strange, distorted landscapes that are almost overwhelming in their scope.

    • Medium: Audio Video
      Location: San Francisco
      Date: 2018

    • Utilizing the coastline around San Francisco, Cut/Copy captured footage of oceans, waves, and rocks and used mirror effects and repetition to create wide surreal vistas. The more these vistas are reflected, the more they transform from something tangible into something hypnotic and beautiful — forming infinite kaleidoscopic patterns.

    • Cut/Copy, a touring band that crosses oceans to meet, embraces the ocean as a constant influence on their work. The artwork journeys from land to the coastline to the sea and finally into a completely abstract realm.

    • For its sound, Reflecting Waves adapts a musical track from Cut/Copy’s 44-minute cassette January Tape. But now, using the power of Dolby Atmos®, the music becomes more fluid and travels through the gallery space with a motion like the waves on the screen. Listeners are immersed in a breathtaking, moving audio that fills the gallery and flows around them.

    • A Grammy® nominated, ARIA award-winning musical act, Cut/Copy has headlined over 1,000 sold-out shows spanning multiple continents. Cut/Copy is Dan Whitford, Tim Hoey, Ben Browning, and Mitchell Scott. Their fifth and latest album is Haiku from Zero.

    • In celebration of Dolby Atmos, Dolby Gallery hosted a listening event and demo presented by Dolby Atmos for Music, followed by a live DJ set featuring Cut/Copy. Artists worldwide use Dolby Atmos to produce music that moves all around you, creating a completely immersive audio experience. Learn more at dolby.com/atmosmusic.