• 7.1.6 Overhead Speaker Placement

  • Optimize your sound system that includes Dolby Atmos technology with this step-by-step guide to the best speaker setup.

    • 7.1.6 Overhead Speakers

      The configurations noted in this speaker setup guide are illustrative. We recommend that any overhead speaker installation be performed by professional installers with experience in installing overhead speakers.

      1. Seating position
      2. Left and right speakers
      3. Center speaker
      4. Subwoofer
      5. Left and right surround speakers
      6. Left and right rear surround speakers
      7. Left and right top front overhead speakers
      8. Left and right top middle overhead speakers
      9. Left and right top rear overhead speakers

      Download the PDF

      7.1.6 Overhead Speaker Setup Guide

    • Test Tones C8

      Dolby Atmos Trailers

      Ensure your speakers are performing at optimum levels. Use Dolby Atmos trailers to test the speakers connected to your sound system.

  • Side view of a 7.1.6 setup