• Dolby Theatre Management System TMS4

    • The Dolby Theatre Management System TMS4 combines features from previous Dolby and Doremi TMS versions to offer a versatile and robust solution.

    • Dolby Theatre Management System TMS 4

      • Comprehensive Management for your Cinema

        Dolby® TMS4 is a comprehensive theatre management system (TMS) that simplifies and streamlines digital cinema operations. Offering a robust set of capabilities from automated content transfers and easy management of show playlists and schedules to detailed device monitoring and reporting and broad POS schedule integration support, TMS4 is a complete solution for management of the digital cinema workflow.

        Dolby Theatre Management System (TMS) Key Features

        • Content management, including manual and automated transfers with priority based on schedule
        • KDM management
        • Show playlist building
        • Schedule management
        • Playlist pack functionality for easier management of preshow advertisements and trailers
        • Scheduled audit log report generation
        • Projector status monitoring
      • Dolby Acquires Doremi

        Dolby has acquired cinema-server leader Doremi, increasing the breadth of our offerings and expertise in the highly competitive cinema landscape.

      • Dolby Theatre Management System (TMS) Specifications

        Minimum System Requirements

        Dolby TMS4 is compatible with a wide array of user-supplied hardware that satisfies the following general requirements. For exact system and configuration requirements, please see your Dolby sales representative.

        • TMS4 runs under CentOS®, an open-source, enterprise-class operating system derived from Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®
        • Workstation class Core™ i5, Ivy Bridge or newer architecture, >= 3 GHz clock rate
        • Server class, Xeon® E5, Ivy Bridge or newer architecture
        • 4 cores or more
        • The system should be configured with a minimum of 16 GB of RAM for multiplexes up to 8 screens. For larger multiplexes, the system should have 32 to 64 GB RAM.
        • Recommended RAID 5 sized from 4 to 16 TB

        Dolby Server Management

        • System logs reporting, including sending the generated reports to a user-configured FTP server
        • Storage monitoring
        • Secure time setting


        • Comprehensive GUI with VNC access
        • Web UI for remote access

        POS Schedule Integration

        • Vista
        • Titan Technology
        • Sensible Cinema Software
        • G-Ticket Ingresso
        • RTS
        • NCR POS (formerly Radiant POS)
        • Film-Tech

        Server Compatibility

        • Supports all generations of Dolby and Doremi servers (latest server software recommended)
        • Installs on DSL100/DSL200 library servers

        Language Support

        • English
        • Spanish
        • Chinese
        • Portuguese


        • Web Services
        • SNMP
      • Dolby TMS4 Documents

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