• Dolby AC-4

    • A powerful new audio format in the Dolby Audio family, Dolby AC-4 addresses the current and future needs of next-generation video and audio entertainment services, including broadcast and Internet streaming.

    • Dolby AC-4 Benefits for Broadcast Professionals

      • Part of a complete end-to-end solution

        Dolby® AC-4 gives you a complete and robust format designed to work with Dolby solutions that span content creation, distribution and interchange, and consumer delivery.

      • Designed to meet today's challenges and enable tomorrow's experiences

        Dolby AC-4 delivers the highest audio quality to the consumer, but at a much lower bandwidth than other formats. You get an immediate performance benefit—and ensure seamless deployment of future innovations.

      • Grounded in real-world experience and active engagement

        Our experience and involvement with next-generation broadcast standards will ensure smooth implementation of Dolby AC-4, from the broadcast truck to the home.

      • Adopted by key industry leaders

        Dolby AC-4 is already being implemented by a wide variety of system-on-a-chip (SoC) designers, professional partners, and consumer electronics manufacturers.

      • Going beyond the AC-4 standard

        More than simply writing standards, Dolby creates interoperable solutions that reduce cost and complexity, improve reliability, and deliver the best user experience across the broadcast ecosystem.

      • Providing immersive, personalized consumer experiences

        With Dolby AC-4's ability to carry channel- and object-based programming, you can offer viewers many options, such as choice of language or home/away announcers.

      • Meeting the Industry Challenge 

        You've seen the future: evolving consumer expectations, rapid technology advances, viewers using more devices in more places, and increasing regulatory demands. To succeed, you need an audio system that allows you to stay agile and prepare for change.

        Yet you still have to do business now, with an existing infrastructure and operations that represent a major investment in equipment and people. Any new system must remain compatible with your current applications.

        That's why we developed Dolby AC-4, which is already standardized with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), adopted by the Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB), a candidate standard for the audio portion of ATSC 3.0, and ready to deploy. Additionally, we've established partnerships with VIZIO, Sony Visual Products, and TP Vision to incorporate Dolby AC-4 into next-generation televisions.

        Expand Capabilities, Not Complexity 

        The Dolby AC-4 format fundamentally rethinks audio architecture to add capabilities while reducing complexity. It addresses a complete range of delivery methods, including traditional broadcast, mobile networks, and hybrid broadcast and broadband.

        Dolby AC-4 capabilities include:

        • Greatly improved compression efficiency, up to 50 percent better than current broadcast-standard technologies
        • Native support for dialogue enhancement, intelligent loudness, and advanced dynamic range control
        • The most efficient support for multiple languages and descriptive services
        • Delivery of optimum playback across all use cases and devices 
        • Immersive audio, enabling sound to move around the audience in three-dimensional space
        • Personalized audio streams that enable broadcasters to provide customized presentations and elements that consumers can select to enjoy audio that matches their interests

        You can transfer information more reliably. Built-in self-configuration and automation will improve reliability and help you lower your operational costs. And Dolby AC-4 gives you the flexibility to deliver future services and experiences—on your timetable. 

        Dolby AC-4 provides the tools. You decide how and when to use them. 

      • How Dolby AC-4 Will Help Broadcasters Power Next Generation Entertainment

        Dolby AC-4 can help broadcasters overcome challenges like serving a very diverse audience while meeting stringent regulations.

      • Find Out About Dolby AC-4 in Action

        Together with our partners, we're successfully deploying Dolby AC-4 in real-world broadcast environments.