• Dolby Analog

    • Dolby Analog, our original surround sound format, introduced audiences to surround sound by encoding four channels of audio onto a 35 mm film print.

    • Dolby Analog Benefits

      • Four Channels of Sound

        Dolby® Analog soundtracks contain Left, Center, Right, and Surround channels.

      • Popular on Film Prints

        Nearly every 35 mm film print in use today features a Dolby Analog audio track.

      • Dolby SR Included

        Dolby Analog soundtracks now incorporate Dolby SR technology to improve dynamic range.

      • The First Dolby Surround Sound Technology

        One of the joys of going to the movies is the sense of scale that only the cinema provides. The big screen fills your field of vision, and powerful surround sound fills the auditorium.

        But this combination of larger-than-life picture and larger-than-life sound only became possible with the advent of technologies like Dolby Analog. The original Dolby multichannel film sound format, Dolby Analog revolutionized the moviegoing experience, and is still included today on nearly all 35 mm film prints.

        Still a Trusted Format

        Dolby Analog is an optical technology that encodes the soundtrack of a film into four channels: Left, Center, Right, and Surround.

        The first three channels play back on speakers located behind the screen, while the Surround channel plays back over speakers at the sides and rear of the theatre. The Surround channel commonly features ambient sounds and special effects.

        Dolby Analog soundtracks now incorporate Dolby SR technology, which significantly improves dynamic range. The analog soundtrack is still used in cinemas not equipped for digital playback. In digitally equipped theatres, it serves as a backup in case of problems with the digital track.


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        Enjoy your next movie the way the director intended—in Dolby sound.

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