• Dolby Digital EX

    • Dolby Digital EX introduces an additional rear audio channel to the 5.1 home theater setup for a surround sound experience that's closer to real life.

    • Dolby Digital EX Benefits

      • At-Home Cinema Surround

        Dolby® Digital EX represents the home theater version of Dolby Digital Surround EX™, a cinema technology that takes advantage of new speakers on the back wall of the theatre to produce sound directly behind you.

      • Improved Audio Control

        The additional center rear audio channel allows filmmakers greater control over the placement of sounds in the listening environment.

      • Backward Compatibility

        For home theaters not equipped for Dolby Digital EX playback, no sonic information is lost. This means content encoded in Dolby Digital EX can be played in any 5.1-channel Dolby Digital setting.

      • Innovative Cinema Sound for the Home Theater

        The arrival of Dolby Digital Surround EX to cinemas ushered in a new level of surround sound for the movies. Dolby Digital EX lets you experience this same 6.1-channel audio in your home theater.

        Both technologies take the Dolby Digital 5.1-channel setup one step further with an additional channel behind the audience. This rear surround channel provides extra dimensional detail and clarifies audio effects that pan from front to back. The net result is movie audio that more closely matches our experience of sound in the real world.

        Home Theater Setup

        Films released in Dolby Digital Surround EX (the cinema version) carry the encoded extra surround channel in their subsequent DVD releases, as well as onto 5.1-channel digital satellite and TV broadcasts. If your home theater system has an A/V receiver or preamp/processor with Dolby Digital EX decoding, plus speakers to support 6.1 or 7.1 playback, you can enjoy these cinema soundtracks as they were meant to be heard.

        Current Dolby Digital EX soundtracks contain a digital flag that automatically activates the Dolby Digital EX decoding in your receiver or preamp/processor. For titles released prior to late 2001, however, you need to turn on the Dolby Digital EX decoding manually.

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        Enjoy your next movie the way the director intended—in Dolby sound.

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