• Dolby Pro Logic II

    • Dolby Pro Logic II transforms traditional stereo audio into 5.1-channel surround sound for a seamless listening experience full of presence and depth.

    • Dolby Pro Logic ll Benefits

      • Stereo to Surround

        Dolby® Pro Logic® II uses hidden audio cues that already exist in stereo content to create realistic surround sound with five full-range channels: Left, Right, Center, Left Surround, and Right Surround.

      • Hear the Details

        With its full-range performance, Dolby Pro Logic II lets you hear all the details and subtleties in movie content, music, games, and other entertainment.

      • The Sound of Real Life

        By widening the soundfield, Dolby Pro Logic II enables seamless, natural surround sound.

      • Sound All Around You

        Your movie collection features a host of two-channel (stereo) classics. Most of your music is in stereo, too, and the same holds true for your video games. They sound perfectly acceptable, but they would definitely sound better in surround.

        Dolby Pro Logic II makes this possible, converting high-quality stereo content into compelling 5.1-channel surround sound.

        With Dolby Pro Logic II technology in your home theater, you're no longer limited to the binary left-right world of stereo. Dolby Pro Logic II takes the audio for almost any TV show, movie, game, or music album and wraps it around you. The audio comes to life.

      • Dolby Digital Plus: Surround Sound Anywhere, Everywhere

        Dolby Digital Plus™ delivers a definitive surround sound experience for all of your devices from home theater to smartphones.

    • Dolby Pro Logic II for Professionals

      Dolby Pro Logic II derives a realistic surround sound experience from two-channel content such as movies, music, and games.

      Equipment Manufacturers

      Give consumers the ability to enjoy nearly all their entertainment in surround sound.

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