Mimeo Chooses Highfive and Dolby Voice for Video Conferencing

  • With Highfive and Dolby Voice video conferencing, Mimeo works more productively with customers and suppliers in more than 140 countries.

  • The IT director at Mimeo says Highfive and Dolby Voice save his team "hundreds of man-hours."

    • Video conferencing is essential as Mimeo employees work with customers and suppliers in more than 140 countries. "Mimeo is a B2B technology-enabled business services company," says Chief Operating Officer Nicole Parent Haughey. With more than 800 employees who help print and distribute content globally, often overnight, "It's really critical to be able to interact with teams around the world."

      The company tried "a hodgepodge of technologies," says Shawn Winters, IT Director. "Initially, we thought video was the most important aspect, but then if the audio fell apart in a meeting, the meeting essentially couldn't happen."

      Meeting the Business Need

      The solution that ultimately met Mimeo's needs was Highfive video conferencing with Dolby Voice®. The stunning audio quality of Dolby Voice promotes natural conversation and helps make meetings more efficient. Adding the Dolby Conference Phone made "a dramatic difference," says Doug Bohaboy, VP of Marketing. "You can really talk as if you're in the same room."

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    • Dolby Conference Phone Gutter Tout

      Dolby Conference Phone

      This innovative device improves productivity by letting in-room and remote meeting attendees participate as if they're all in the same room.

  • "The quality of the interaction is fantastic. You're able to hear all the nuances; you can actually visualize where people are in the room. And to be able to get rid of that background noise has been hugely helpful."

    Nicole Parent Haughey, Chief Operating Officer, Mimeo

    • Easy Setup

      Provisioning each conference room required only the Highfive device, a TV, and the Dolby® Conference Phone. Winters says, "The setup was super-easy: plugging into the TV, follow the on-screen prompts, plug in the Dolby conference room solution. Within five minutes, both devices are updated, and they're ready to use. The time savings for me and my [IT] team is hundreds of man-hours."

      VP Bohaboy emphasizes the solution's ease of use: "Just add it to your calendar. You click on it, and you're in."

      Video Conferencing for Decision Makers

      COO Haughey adds: "This is something that's actually transformed the way I operate. It just allows us to make important decisions in a really timely manner."

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    Empower your people to get work done faster using Highfive video conferencing with Dolby Voice. HD video meets superior audio quality for a virtual meeting experience that feels like you're in the room.